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Sav Sparkling

Sav Sparkling

Viking Spirits

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Sparking birch wine from Sweden

Sav™ Sparkling, as the name suggests (the Swedish word sav means sap in English), is a sparkling wine produced from crystal clear birch sap that is harvested in Sweden’s cooler climate from untouched natural birch tree forests in the region of Jämtland.

Alcohol content: 12% Alc./Vol.

Color: Clear, light-yellow color.

Scent: Herbaceous scent with an appealing note of birch sap, with elements of grape fruit, bread, apples and citrus.

Flavor: Characteristic taste of citrus, sourdough bread and nuts, with hints of pure birch sap, fresh honeydew melon, pear and mineral.

Perfectly paired with: A fantastic combination with food such as sushi, smoked fish, oysters, arctic roe, suovas, foie gras, cheese and dark chocolate.

Serving temperature: 46-50°F

Origin:  Swedish province of Jämtland. For centuries, birch sap has been used in the arctic regions as an important part of nutrition during spring and late winter months.


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