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Sav Snö

Sav Snö

Viking Spirits

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Sparking spiced birch wine from Sweden

12% ABV, 750ml

Made with carefully selected flavoring and natural bubbles, balanced with a pinch of sugar. The added flavors gives this wine a fruity and fresh taste. 

Color: Clear, light yellow.

Scent: Scent of yellow fruits with hints of cinnamon and cardamom. Characteristic notes of citrus and orange.

Flavor: Fruity and fresh taste of orange, citrus and pineapple, with spice tones of cardamom, cinnamon and cloves.

Perfectly paired with: Enjoy together with friends or as an alternative to dessert wine.

Serving temperature: 46-50°F

Origin: The original recipe of sparkling birch sap wine originates from 1785. Birch sap has been harvested since ancient times in the northern arctic regions and used as an important nutritional supplement during early spring when the lack of vitamin-rich products was severe in this region. The birch soaks crystal clear water from the nearby lake Storsjön with mineral rich soil when the frozen ground melts in the spring. The tree transforms the water into sap, which can be harvested, and enjoyed as a beverage.

The word "Snö" is Swedish for "snow" and reflects the time during the spring when the snow is melting and the birch trees are ready for harvesting. The sap is then fermented on its bottle for at least three years before disgorging, thus forming natural bubbles. 

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