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Sav Glöd

Sav Glöd

Viking Spirits

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Mulled birch wine from Sweden

14% ABV, 500ml

The Swedes call it Glögg. Sav Glöd is a birch sap mulled wine blended with natural flavors and spices such as ginger, citrus, angelica, sugar, and Sav™ Snaps. "Glöd" is Swedish for glow from a fire and this mulled wine will keep you warm and cozy during the cold winter nights.

Color: Clear, slightly amber.

Scent: Candied lemon, almond, honey, hints of spice, cardamom and nutmeg with a rose petals.

Flavor: Sweet citrus, slightly spicy with a nice balance between sweetness and acidity.

Perfectly paired with: Enjoy warm in front of the fireplace or cold as an aperitif before dinner or together with your favorite dessert.

Serving temperature: Serve smoking hot (ca. 126-129°F) or ice cold.

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