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Ragnarök Gin

Ragnarök Gin

Viking Spirits

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A Swedish gin made with 8 botanicals

44% ABV, 700ml

Origin: This handcrafted gin is small batch distilled in a copper pot still using a base spirit made from Swedish winter barley, harvested from the fields surrounding the distillery in Northern Sweden. The aim was to produce a gin that encapsulates the Swedish wilderness, the inspiration of Ragnarök gin. To achieve this, Ragnarök uses 8 botanicals, the prominent four being juniper berries, fresh lingonberries, caraway seeds and dill leaves. In the background, but no less important, are four further citrus and spice botanicals that serve to produce an elegantly balanced gin.

How it's made: The distillate is blended with pure mountain spring water to bring it down to 88 proof, a strength that holds the botanicals in perfect balance, allowing Ragnarök to be served perfectly on its own and make a fantastic martini, whilst also making sure it stands up for itself in G&Ts and cocktails.

Each bottle of Ragnarök is individually filled, sealed and numbered by hand.


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