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Järvsö Aquavit Royal

Järvsö Aquavit Royal

Viking Spirits

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A traditional Cumin Spiced Aquavit

42.5% ABV, 700ml

Well defined cumin and anise notes makes this one of Tevsjö's most appreciated snaps.

Origin: In Scandinavia, snaps is a word used for infused spirits, where raw alcohol is infused with a flavor. Aquavit is a snaps which has been flavored with a distillate of dill seed and/or caraway. Järvsö Aquavit Royal is a traditional caraway flavored Aquavit with anise, fennel, and sweet Spanish cherry.

Aquavit remains a significant part of Scandinavian culture and is commonly an integral part of special events such as Christmas, birthdays and weddings. Aquavit is great served chilled in a shot glass but it can be also substituted as the base for many gin and whiskey classics to add a new dimension to your favorite cocktails.

How it's made: The source to all of Tevsjö's products is from their own 192 proof grain neutral spirits made from locally sourced grain, refined in their mill, then mashed and distilled. A true craft spirit with no artificial flavors or aromas and with no short cuts taken to achieve the highest quality spirits.

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