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Black Chai Bergamot

Black Chai Bergamot

Viking Spirits

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A Swedish Tea vodka made from Bergamot Tea

40% ABV, 700ml

Origin: Tevsjö's Vodka is a premium product based on Bergamot tea, distilled with only oats produced by farmers from the Swedish province of Hälsingland.

How it's made: This vodka is made using Tevsjö's own secret tea blends, both adding tea directly to the vodka and infusing it during steam distillation. This brings out the aromatic substances in the tea, while preserving its freshness and giving it just a touch of bitterness. 

The vodka is then redistilled a second time, with the addition of a Bergamot Tea blend. The water used to make this vodka comes from Tevsjö's own natural spring located approximately 1 kilometer away from the distillery. The grain is always sourced locally. Black Chai Bergamot is bottled at the distillery and then shipped directly to Viking Spirits in California.

Perfectly paired with: Ideal as an aperitif or as part of a cocktail.


London Spirits Competition 2022

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